Re: New recruit, help needed in choosing project

Ok, I've decided that I will tackle the update of GEdit docs.  I've
added myself to the status table that Joachim has recently created.

I have a question about docbook.  I know that docbook (the docbook on
the DGP site) is not completely up to date (or is it?).  Currently I see
Pat Costello as the maintainer of the gedit docs, I'm guessing this is
not the case anymore?

Also, I would like to know what the G26D mean under the column "Last

I had acquired the cvs gedit module but I did not know that we could
point Yelp to the new xml doc file, that is cool.

I also would like to know how DocBook (the DTD) comes in.  I'm very new
to DocBook but it's my understanding that I'd write a document in the
DocBook SGML format and then convert it to xml using the DocBook tools,
how do I go about editing the already existing xml file in the cvs tree?

when I'm finished with a section and I'd like to commit, do I just email
the patch?

Thank you very much,

~Alessandro Ferrucci

On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 20:00 -0700, Brent Smith wrote:
> alessandro ferrucci wrote:
> > I have one question.
> > 
> > On this box I'm running Ubuntu with Gnome 2.12.1, but I run Gentoo on
> > another box.  How do I know that 1 version of Yelp I would look at would
> > be the same that you guys would have?
> > 
> > 
> > What I mean is Ubuntu and Gentoo users look at the same
> > documentation all the time?  I doubt that's the case.
> > 
> > Could you tell me how I can acquire the ldatest Yelp sources so I could
> > look at the documentation on those?
> > 
> Ok, it seems like a lot of people have been asking this, so I'm going
> to write some technical details for people to refer to for the time
> being.  Shaun/Don, please correct me if I am wrong....
> Here it goes.
> Documentation for most applications are included in the cvs modules
> for that application.  For example, if you check out the latest cvs
> sources for evince from the GNOME CVS server, the documentation will
> be in evince/help/C/evince.xml.
> For things like gnome-applets where there are many programs in the
> cvs modules, you might have to search around for the help files.
> So the easy way to see docs for a particular application, is to
> get the latest sources from CVS, and then use yelp to browse the
> docbook file in the help directory, by just doing a /usr/bin/yelp
> <docbook file>.xml
> If you want to have the Table of Contents in yelp work, and point to
> the most recent docs for 2.14, then you need to read the rest of this email.
> So when you actually get the sources for say, evince, from the GNOME
> CVS servers and then compile, make and make install, the documentation
> will be installed to $prefix/share/gnome/help/<appname>/C/<docname>.xml
> Of course for the documentation to actually show up in yelp,
> the scrollkeeper databases need to updated.. When you issue a "make
> install", a command gets issued to update scrollkeeper databases that
> looks similar to the following:
> scrollkeeper-update -p $prefix/var/lib/scrollkeeper -o 
> $prefix/share/omf/evince
> Since I am using jhbuild (
> and to get the latest version
> of GNOME, it installs a second copy of scrollkeeper for me, so that
> I have a second documenation database for files that come with GNOME
> located at /opt/gnome2/var/lib/scrollkeeper - this will keep the
> development docs separate from your main system's docs.
> Yelp gets the content list from scrollkeeper by running the command
> "scrollkeeper-get-content-list" and then reading the corresponding
> xml output file that it puts in /tmp/scrollkeeper-<username>/contents.1
> Depending on your $PATH variable in yelp's environment, either the
> system wide "scrollkeeper-get-content-list" or the binary installed
> with jhbuild at $prefix/bin/ will get run.
> Ideally when testing the latest docs you want the binary in $prefix/bin/ 
> to get run, since this one will use the database at
> $prefix/var/lib/scrollkeeper which has all the documentation installed
> from jhbuild.  The easy way to do this, is to issue a "jhbuild shell"
> before running yelp.  This will put "$prefix/bin/" in your $PATH
> environment variable so the $prefix/bin/scrollkeeper-get-content-list
> will get run before /usr/bin/scrollkeeper-get-content-list
> If you manage to get all that correct, then the table of contents in
> Yelp will point to the most recent docs for 2.14.
> Confusing?  That's because it is.  Ask questions and I will try to
> help you out if you have problems.
> Hope that helps.

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