Re: New recruit, help needed in choosing project

I have one question.

On this box I'm running Ubuntu with Gnome 2.12.1, but I run Gentoo on
another box.  How do I know that 1 version of Yelp I would look at would
be the same that you guys would have?

What I mean is Ubuntu and Gentoo users look at the same
documentation all the time?  I doubt that's the case.

Could you tell me how I can acquire the ldatest Yelp sources so I could
look at the documentation on those?

~Alessandro Ferrucci

On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 22:57 +0000, Joachim Noreiko wrote:
> --- Alessandro Ferrucci <a24 umbc edu> wrote:
> > I'm a new "recruit" and I'd like some pointers or
> > someone to tell me what
> > I should work in documenting.  I'm a computer
> > science major so I'm not
> > restricted to very non-technical documentation.
> Hi.
> Several people have joined the list in the last month
> or so, and I'm no longer sure who is working on what.
> So I've created a page on GNOME Live for this with the
> bits I can remember:
> Hopefully other people will add their name and details
> of what they are working on or plan to.
> In the meantime, some suggestions of what you could
> look at:
> * there's been a request for someone to take a look at
> the docs for Gedit. These are apparently badly out of
> date. But gedit has some major changes in development,
> so it might be best tackled by someone who is
> comfortable compiling from source, otherwise you might
> be documenting stuff that's no longer there.
> * there's the gnome user guide. A few of us are
> working on different bits of this.
> * some of the gnome system tools are missing manuals,
> eg the disk admin tool. I said I'd write it but I've
> got sidetracked.
> * I know gparted has no manual, but I think someone on
> this list recently said they would write it.
> * otherwise, launch yelp, take a wander through the
> docs, and see what's unclear, inaccurate, or written
> in such a way that only hardcore geeks can understand
> it...
> hope that helps :)
> Joachim
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