Re: New recruit, help needed in choosing project

--- Alessandro Ferrucci <a24 umbc edu> wrote:
> I'm a new "recruit" and I'd like some pointers or
> someone to tell me what
> I should work in documenting.  I'm a computer
> science major so I'm not
> restricted to very non-technical documentation.


Several people have joined the list in the last month
or so, and I'm no longer sure who is working on what.
So I've created a page on GNOME Live for this with the
bits I can remember:

Hopefully other people will add their name and details
of what they are working on or plan to.

In the meantime, some suggestions of what you could
look at:
* there's been a request for someone to take a look at
the docs for Gedit. These are apparently badly out of
date. But gedit has some major changes in development,
so it might be best tackled by someone who is
comfortable compiling from source, otherwise you might
be documenting stuff that's no longer there.
* there's the gnome user guide. A few of us are
working on different bits of this.
* some of the gnome system tools are missing manuals,
eg the disk admin tool. I said I'd write it but I've
got sidetracked.
* I know gparted has no manual, but I think someone on
this list recently said they would write it.
* otherwise, launch yelp, take a wander through the
docs, and see what's unclear, inaccurate, or written
in such a way that only hardcore geeks can understand

hope that helps :)


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