Re: Sell sell sell ! Sell GNOME for Christmas !!

Hi :o)

(Note to anyone reading this : if you read any of it, read the section
between the asterisks ;)

On Wed, 2006-12-06 at 11:28 -0800, Ryan Paul wrote:
> Excellent work Karderio! This is a good first draft, but it needs some
> edits. I'd like to make some corrections and clean it up a bit. Is
> on the wiki somewhere? Additionally, I might be interested in writing
> least one of the other sections myself. What do we have in mind for
> Free Software and GNOME section?

Thanks ;)

This really is very raw for the moment, I posted it here just because I
wanted basic feedback, ie if people have said "your dreaming, we don't
want to say things like that" I would rather have stopped now rather
than later.

I've just got back from helping a friend move house, so I've got
tomorrow and Friday morning to fix it up a little and have a go at the
rest. Then I'm off to celebrate the immanent demolition of some other
friends house this weekend, very surreal :o)

If you, and perhaps others, would like to help out it would seem like a
great idea to put this on the wiki, so after my final bash and before
leaving for my weekend I'll put it up there and mail the list with the
link ;)

I'm sure you can do a much better job than me with the English. English
has never been one of my strong points, and now I think about it, I
realise that I haven't had an English lesson since I was ten years old !

I haven't given much thought to the Free Software and GNOME sections
yet. The free software part is important to me, I would like it to be
rather complete, with the goal of convincing the reader of the benefits
of free software while providing basic understanding. I'm aiming for the
sort of thing that the FSF could be proud of. I'll take your interest
into consideration when I get to that tomorrow, and will mail you with
my initial plans if I get round to this.

What I would really like feedback on what the sections should be. I feel
like I may be missing some important aspects. Perhaps better titles
could be found, this could even help guide the contents (maybe). Could
some sections be grouped, should some be split ?

Looking foreword to your ever appreciated contribution :o)

Love, Karderio.

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