Re: more doc work (was Re: completed gataxx doc)

--- karderio <karderio gmail com> wrote:
> If you are really worried about users mistaking
> screenshots for windows,
> you can flash a notice "this is a screenshot" in
> place of the shot if
> the user clickis it, again using CSS. I think this
> would be more
> effective than border fading - where as with visual
> effects you could
> get fools complaining that not only has their window
> frozen up, but it's
> borders have also faded ;)

I actually fell for this mistake the other day.

Yelp was behind my gedit window, and I had ataxx
around somewhere.
Yelp happened to be on the page that showed an ataxx
screenshot. I could see about a third of it,
So I thought ataxx was behind gedit, in front of yelp.
So I clicked on it.
And thought 'uhhhh? what---? Oh. It's a screenshot'

Having yelp pop up and say 'This is a screenshot'
wouldn't have helped.... would have been quite
annoying really :)

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