Re: more doc work (was Re: completed gataxx doc)

Hi :o)

On Sun, 2006-07-30 at 12:56 -0700, Ryan Paul wrote:
> I can do the screenshots, including the cropping/fading. Are there
> specific GTK/Metacity themes that I should use?
> If there is sufficient interest, I am also willing to make a utility to
> help automate the screenshot/crop/fade process. Last year I was writing
> articles with lots of screenshots, and I started to get really
> frustrated with the limitations of the GNOME screenshot utility. I
> eventually made my own with Ruby and Glade. It does a lot of things that
> the GNOME screenshot utility doesn't do. For instance, it can capture a
> specific window or a specified screen region. It probably wouldn't be
> that difficult to extend my utility so that it can optionally perform
> the border fade operation. If enough doc writers are interested in using
> something like that, I am willing to rewrite it in Python so that people
> don't have to wrestle with the Ruby GNOME dependencies.

Interested I am. This is on my todo list also. I looked into this a
while back. The plan was to use DogTail to automate the process of
taking the shots in each language[1], by running a script in the help
directory. The problem was that dogtail didn't run properly on my system

Thumbs up for Python.

I still think the border fade, or whatever effect, would be best
implemented by Yelp though.

Love, Karderio

[1] BTW, if you run "LANGUAGE=fr_FR.utf8 gedit" you get gedit in french,
if you have the french locale installed.

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