Re: Keyboard Layout Switcher applet

> Can you or Sergey please tell me how to suppress the run-time check, or how
> to fool the check into thinking that I've got an older version of XFree, so
> that I can invoke gkb-new? I'm scheduled to document gkb-new for GNOME 2.6.

First, about the "good" things. There is existing documentation on
gswitchit in GNOME CVS. Look at gswitchit/help/C. It is a bit out of
date - and covers some parts of gnome-control-center-related stuff - but
you can copy-paste something out of it.

The BAD thing (not for you personally, mostly for gnome) is that
fallback gkb-new is not really changed since gnome 2.4 (even the flags
are not removed!). About the run-time switch, look at gnome-applets/
gswitchit/switch.c. There is CheckXKB function which you can modify to
return some constant (false or true).

Also, I would be VERY grateful to a person who would find some time to
document new gnome-keyboard-properties capplet.



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