Re: Potential new documentation contributor

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 11:34 +0100, Matthew Revell wrote:
I'm more than happy to proof read the Evolution docs. What sort of time 
frame are you working to?

Oh, June-ish, really.  There's some significant additions due from me any day now for the GroupWise connectivity and NNTP features, which are basically not covered yet.  Would be good to get the existing docs into better shape before adding more, I think.

Anyway, you can get the Evolution docs out of gnome cvs ("evolution" module, in the help/C/ directory); email me offlist if you want me to send you a copy instead of checking it out of CVS.

Is there an editorial policy/style guide for Gnome docs? Or is there 
anything else I could be reading up on?
Patrick has pointed
out for you; it's relatively common-sense for the most part-- a lot of it relates to consistency, so everyone uses the same term for any given object.

Welcome aboard!


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