Re: Docbook

On Friday 11 October 2002 17:01, John J. Boyer wrote:
> Hello,
> Where do I find documentation on DocBook?
> Where do i find the programs to create and manipulate DocBook files?
> I am writing documentation for a GNOME application, so this information
> would be very useful.
> John

I'm working on Conglomerate (, which aims to be a 
user-friendly XML editor, and DocBook support is one of the primary goals.  
But it is not yet ready for general usage (and, I'm afraid, is also not at 
all accessible yet, relying on a special-purpose custom widget).  The project 
has been dormant for a couple for years; I recently started hacking on it and 
ported it to GNOME 2.  

I hope to get a release out in the next month or so.

If anyone knows of any other free XML, SGML or DocBook editors please let me 

Dave Malcolm

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