Re: Default WM theme settings

On Fri, 2002-03-15 at 18:19, James Henstridge wrote:
> Calum Benson wrote:
> >Jeff Waugh wrote:
> >
> >>I thought there was a reasonable amount of agreement that the Windows-like
> >>layout was arse.
> >>
> >
> >As far as I recall, the only "arsey" thing people had to say about it is
> >that there's no separation between the close button and the max/min
> >buttons, which is true, but (in our humble opinion) better than barely
> >being able to see the close button at all, having to click on the close
> >button (albeit with a different mouse button) to bring up the window
> >menu, or having a mysterious shade button where many (if not most)
> >newbies/upgraders from Windoze/CDE will expect the close button, all of
> >which are true of the current default.  But which jsh, in fairness, said
> >could all probably be addressed, although he didn't say when and I
> >didn't dare ask  :o)
> >
> >Anyways, it appears there's sufficient disagreement with our POV that
> >changing the community default would probably make a lot of people
> >grumpy, so I suspect we can live with agreeing to disagree on this
> >one...
> >
> I did a little mockup to see what it would look like with white buttons 
> on the left in Crux:

The white buttons are a good idea. I'm not entirely sure how I feel
about having the left button look so different in terms of colour, but
its definitely an idea we should give serious consideration.


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