Re: Default WM theme settings

Jeff Waugh wrote:

> I thought there was a reasonable amount of agreement that the Windows-like
> layout was arse.

As far as I recall, the only "arsey" thing people had to say about it is
that there's no separation between the close button and the max/min
buttons, which is true, but (in our humble opinion) better than barely
being able to see the close button at all, having to click on the close
button (albeit with a different mouse button) to bring up the window
menu, or having a mysterious shade button where many (if not most)
newbies/upgraders from Windoze/CDE will expect the close button, all of
which are true of the current default.  But which jsh, in fairness, said
could all probably be addressed, although he didn't say when and I
didn't dare ask  :o)

Anyways, it appears there's sufficient disagreement with our POV that
changing the community default would probably make a lot of people
grumpy, so I suspect we can live with agreeing to disagree on this


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