Re: Templates and Stylesheets

Hello all.

On Wed, 2002-01-30 at 07:44, Alexander Kirillov wrote:
> Having GNOME logo on gnumeric doc, IMHO, is not that bad (Gnumeric is
> GNOME app, right?). What I am really worried about is when people use
> GNOME Help Browser to read KDE or LDP docs, and our stylesheets slap
> GNOME logo on them. But I do not think there is an easy way for the
> stylesheet to figure out if the doc is  a GNOME one or not. So what do
> we do? Of course, we can just not use any logos at all, but I'd miss the
> friendly foot. Other ideas/suggestions? Or should we use some special
> attribute (e.g. <article role="gnome"> to distinguish GNOME docs from
> non-gnome ones?
> Sasha

I think we should just use the application icon (especially seen as we
have shrunk the foot), or maybe a special version of it (if any artist
were so inclined to create one).  The picture could be specified using
the <mediaobject> tag, placed in a <bookinfo> or <articleinfo>

I do think that the HTML output of the stylesheets look a little bland,
but that's just my opinion (without considering the work required).

Nick Curran
<quasar austar net au>

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