Re: Templates and Stylesheets

And by the way: 

1. you can see the html output here:

2. we need translators to work on file CVS/gnome-docu/gdp/xsl/l10n.xml 
(can someone forward this to i18n list)?

3. if you have comments/suggestions, please let Eric and me know.


On Tue, 2002-01-29 at 15:54, Eric Baudais wrote:
> The templates and stylesheets are in beta development.  You can produce html 
> for your documents to see how they would work by using the command:
> xsltproc /path/to/CVS/gnome-docu/gdp/xsl/general-customization.xsl doc.xml
> The templates are also ready for general testing.  An important thing to 
> remember is the templates go with the stylesheets and any major variation 
> from the <articleinfo> will result in the information not being displayed.  
> That being said there are instructions in the README file in 
> gnome-docu/gdp/xsl/ on how to apply and install the stylesheets.
> Eric Baudais
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