Re: themes for GNOME2 docs

It looks like no matter what theme we choose for the docs, there will be
a big chance that the user in question will have a different theme. 
This is usually not a problem, as those who have changed their theme are
smart enough to tell what is a button and what is not.  However, if
different distributions of GNOME have different themes, then we have
newbies using them, and we must hope that the newbies can tell.

It seems that we will be forever pulling our hair out, trying to decide
which theme we should use.

I want to put forward the suggestion that instead of using just plain
pictures in our DocBook files, we should consider placing information in
them that the user's system can use to generate a screenshot, using the
user's own theme.  It could be done on the fly, like the conversion from

While I'd love to give big grand implementation details, I'm not
knowledgable enough to do so.  It would probably take a fair bit of work
to implement.

It's just a suggestion.  I cannot think of any other arrangement that
will prevent us having this problem in future.  Flames concerning my
intelligence to the address below.

Nicholas Curran
<quasar austar net au>

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