Re: help with Style Guide

On Sat, Dec 01, 2001 at 07:07:00PM -0700, John Fleck offered:
> Yes, and yes.
> Yes, we already do this, but it is not uncommon to post something and
> have zero or little review feedback.
> And yes, I'd like it if we could be a little more formal with this now
> that we're trying to adhere to a more rigorous style guide. In the
> bottom-up chaos that is GNOME, we're not all that good at having more
> formal systems for things like this, but I wouldn't mind trying. :-)

This sounds familiar to me now. I seem to recall an email you sent about 
some methodolgies and ideas would could implement. This included the editor 

Should we maybe look into an editor(the person) for all the work we will be 
doing in the near future?

any thoughts?

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