Re: tags for protocols - examples

Telsa Gwynne <> writes:

|   o IRC isn't really an application. 
|   o dcc is an irc function.
|   o ftp is a protocol.
|   o RealAudio is a protocol too, apparently!

Yes, or positively: Gnumeric or Emacs are <application>s (cf. Walsh, TDG
(The Definitive Guide), p. 134s.).  I don't see the need to tag the
"protocols".  Do you want to achive special visual effects?  Automatic
generation of index entries (interesting point!).

|        <para>
|          The low security mode screens only system sevices (including your 
|          X windows sessions and NFS) from the outside world. This will not 
|          generally interfere with other facilities such as ICQ and Realaudio.
|        </para>

The name of the game is "X", "X11", "X Window System", etc. (cf. X(1)).

|          <para>
|            Other forms of networking are available, such as ways to
|            talk over infra-red beams (IRDA), ways to talk over amateur

IIRC, it's spelled IrDA...

|            radio (AX.25), and token-ring networks. Anything the applet
|            finds which is not SLIP, PPP or ethernet is monitored under
|            'other'.
|          </para>
|   In that context, I didn't think <application> was a very good idea.

Yes ;)

|   And on a related note (from gnome-lokkit), whilst I am displaying
|   my ignorance:
|       <para>
|         You need to have a Linux kernel with IPFW or IPChains enabled:
|   o Dunno what IPFW or IPChains should be :)

Me, too.  I'd tag those as <option> or <literal>.

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