Hello Everyone,

My name is Matt and I'm currently working on the screem documentation.
Screem is a non-wysiwig html editor with lots of site management features
such as upload and auto link fixing. Screem is currently hosted at
sourceforge and there is a brand new release 0.2.8. Since the code has been
progressing so rapidly I have been only able to update the documentation to
0.2.4. But I would like some one to look at the documentation. The files
should be in the new release under the docs directory. The sgml file is
right there along with the topic.dat file. The figs are in the figs dir
under the doc dir and the html output is in the user_manual dir under the
doc dir. Since this is my first attempt at documentation and I'm not the
best writer in the world I would appreciate it if some one could look/edit
the documentation. All of the files are available by anon cvs at sourceforge
located in the same directories as in the new release.

I was also looking for some help on writing the makefile for the doc dir.
I'm not sure how to do this and I can't seem to find much help in the
man/info pages. I'm also not sure if I want to use make to run docbook
because the current author of the program probably doesn't have docbook.

So any help with the makefile or changes to the sgml  file would be great!


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