panel docs

Hi, everyone
Dan Mueth and myself have written beta version  of GNOME Panel
docs. It still needs some markup clean-up, but the contents is mostly
in there. Please take a look and send your comments/suggestions to us
- on all aspects of the docs: accuracy, clarity, style/grammar, SGML
markup, etc....

Several people on this list voluntereed to act as editors - we would
appreciate if they could edit this documentation as well (in
particular, parts written by me :).

You can get the docs from gnome-core/panel/help/C module in cvs, or
read them on-line at

In particular: we need to decide on minor things like proper
capitalization/markup for words like

Properties Dialog/Properties dialog/<interface>Properties dialog</interface>

etc. - please voice your opinion!


PS. Can anyone explain me what the field "Documentation" in advanced
properties tab of "Launcher properties" dialog is supposed to do?

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