Re: web control applet draft, question


On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 05:00:31PM -0500, David C. Mason wrote:
> If we decide on some plain black Window Maker theme - we can use many
> more wms to take a shot with. This is something to think about as it
> allows each of us (docs people) to use what we like and not have to
> change or start a different X. However, choosing carefully as to make
> it something that will look familiar to the *average* new user who
> starts up GNOME for the first time.

It seems to me that the screenshots page on shows cool screenshots
and that the purpose of docs is for new users to find help easily.  Much
easier for us to use different themes etc but not best for the user as it may
cause confusion as to why their GNOME looks different.  We should use the

What is the most compliant wm now? (I will guess Sawmill though I use icewm).
What is the default <wm-we-choose> theme?
What is the default GTK+ theme?

We rarely need to take screenshots so it's not that much hassle!


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