Re: web control applet draft, question

The beta of of Red Hat 6.2 is using Enlightenment by default, though
Sawmill is included.

On the other hand, many GNOME developers have been saying that Sawmill
is better suited to what they are doing in GNOME and this seems to be
the longer term direction.

Dan Mueth wrote:
> If we agree that the primary purpose of our docs are to help people learn
> GNOME (instead of showcasing or looking pretty) and that having uniform
> screenshot appearance using the default configurations of most people will
> keep people from getting confused, we just need to predict/know what most
> people will have as their default setup.
> ie. Personal preferences on favorite or best looking window managers or
> themes are irrelevant here.
> Since Red Hat seems to have the lions share of Linux/GNOME users, we would
> probably target the largest audience by choosing the default window
> manager/theme that Red Hat will be using in the future with GNOME.
> Anybody know what that will be for 6.2 and 7.0?
> I think David's guidelines to aim for 7.0 should take precident here, if
> 6.2 and 7.0 are different.  Otherwise we'll have to replace all our
> screenshots in a few months.
> Dan
> > > This also gets into the debate of what the default window manager
> > > should be... (sawmill). :)
> >
> > Well, when I first did the User's Guide I wanted to have different wm
> > styles to 'showcase' the fact that you can have different wm's. I then
> > decided it was a bad idea and used the E Big Clean theme as it was
> > default on RH, the only one to ship GNOME with a default wm at the
> > time... and my employer.
> >
> > Now, I don't know.
> >
> > I agree with you that this (once again) brings up the problems posed
> > by *not* having a default wm. I would personally vote for using the
> > default theme for sawmill as it is:
> >
> > a) the smallest gnome-compliant wm to grab
> > b) the easiest gnome-compliant wm to configure
> > c) the best wm to work with gnome
> >
> > All, of course, in my opinion. I think we will see more of sawmill in
> > the future and perhaps we should suggest(again) for gnome to have a
> > default wm on the ftp site.
> >
> > Dave
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