Re: GDP Handbook

RMS has been working on a GNU documentation license recently, but I'm not
sure at what state it is in. :) Someone should find out, as I presume
that's going to be the closest to what the GNOME project needs. Also, I'd
recommend staying away from the OPL, as licenses with "options" are A Bad
Thing, and should be avoided.

	David Fallon

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Telsa Gwynne <> writes: 
> > There seems to be an unspoken "GPL your doc" hint, largely because
> > practically every example I've found is GPL'd. Question for the applet
> > handbook: is the whole thing to go under one licence, or can people
> > pick different licences for their different contributions? I'm happy
> > with GPL personally, but people differ: I also like the Open Content
> > one, and GNU are preparing a GNU documentation licence, too. GNOME
> > is the GNU network whatever it is, so I assume that GNUy licences 
> > make sense :)
> > 
> The official GNOME docs should definitely be under a free license.
> I still think the GPL is sort of a bad license for docs; I would use
> the simple license GNU has sometimes used on docs, or the Open
> Publication License without the non-free "options".
> Havoc
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