Re: Proofreading

Neil Matthews <> writes:

> I don't know if its useful (at all) -- but if you need any proofreading
> done, then I might be able to provide some *constructive* criticism.
> (Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide extensive coding support, but I
> can easily proofread whilst travelling abroad, etc. --- even with other
> OS's.)
> So, if you can point me at somewhere useful...

Thanks for the offer - this of course is open to all docs and to all
people. You can proofread the GNOME FAQ, GNOME Users Guide, GNOME API
Docs, and all GNOME Web Sites (especially the docs on the devel site)
- they all need it, they can all benefit from those in the know. Go at
it! If you need more detailed pointers I can give you the web
addresses for all of these upon request.

> It occurs to me that, (with some management), you might be able to get
> people to proofread a document [or some specific pages] each day ---
> with an active link on the documentation page (or even on the Gnotices
> site). Similarly, with checking translations, etc.
> With a "dripfreed" approach you could probably get quite a lot of useful
> commentary, c.f. other volunteer efforts, such as the Oxford English
> Dictionary [insert reference to "The Surgeon of Crowthorne" / "The
> Professor and the Madman" depending on your transatlantic situation.].

That is a very sound idea, and one that we might want to implement at
some time. Is now the time? Well, considering we need so much more
writing I think its a bit premature. At this point that kind of
proofreading effort would be like shooting a moving target. I will
store it in the deep dark pits of my mind though - thanks for the




          David Mason
        Red Hat AD Labs

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