I have started a translation of the GNOME Users Guide to German
and I would like to know few things.
1. Is there anyone else trying to do this? Upto now I have only the
   first chapter, which gives very much space for working together.
2. Is there a possibility to put the thing in CVS? That way one
   could benefit even from only partial translation.
3. Are there any tools for translating? At least it would be nice
   to be notified on changes.
4. What is the policy with translations? E.g. there is a lot of "you"
   in the doc, which has two possible translations in German, a
   more formal one and an informal. (I would like to use the more
   informal, because that seems to be more in the spirit of GNOME,
   but it may be regarded as not professional...)
4a.I use some words untranslated ("desktop") which is quite normal
   in German today. Do I put them into special tags? (In HTML I used
   to <em>-phasize them.)
5. Am I going to put myself in the authorgroup? At least I would like
   to put my e-mail somewhere, so questions regarding the translation
   will reach me.

Thanks for now,

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