Re: gug-translation

> 1. Is there anyone else trying to do this? Upto now I have only the
>    first chapter, which gives very much space for working together.

I haven't heard from anyone doing German yet. This is great!

> 2. Is there a possibility to put the thing in CVS? That way one
>    could benefit even from only partial translation.

Most of the translation guys put there work in /desktop-docs/[language] 

I assume your directory would be /de

> 3. Are there any tools for translating? At least it would be nice
>    to be notified on changes.

I will add you to my list and let you know when the big changes have been made 
to the docs.

>4a.I use some words untranslated ("desktop") which is quite normal
>   in German today. Do I put them into special tags? (In HTML I used
>   to <em>-phasize them.)

I would recommend you translating the SGML source files and using the LANG="de" tag 
to build the German version.  You can join the SGMLTools mailing list to get 
help on this...

send the message "subscribe sgml-tools" (without the quotes)to

Let me know if you have any more questions.


          David Mason
        Red Hat AD Labs

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