Re: I18N in DocBook

Andrew Smith <> writes:

> Mark Galassi <> writes:
> >     Christopher> How was the docbook instructions to set the language?
> >     Christopher> (it's for a translation)
> > 
> > This is a stylesheet issue, isn't it?  With recent DocBook stylesheets 
> > you should be able to use IT instead of EN as the language code, and
> > it should work as long as the DSSSL stylesheets work with Italian.  I
> > know they work with German, so you can try GE (or was it DE?) and see
> > what to expect if IT works.
> You should also probably use the DocBook LANG attribute.  It's valid
> for most elements, but best used for the top-level element for your
> document, eg <BOOK LANG="en">.  Also, if there is a section, phrase,
> <PHRASE LANG="latin"/et cetera/ in another language, you can use the
> LANG attribute for that.
> The style sheet may be able to detect this and set the right
> language/locale settings automatically.  I don't know if the standard
> ones do this though.

The libgtop-docu module in the `translations' directory also contains
some first attempt of getting translated docbook documents ...

Martin Baulig - -

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