Re: gug-translation

It looks to me, as if gnome-doc-list is the only GNOME mailinglist that
uses the Reply-To "feature".  Do we really want this "Reply-To:"?

Christoph Begall <> writes:

|   I have started a translation of the GNOME Users Guide to German
|   and I would like to know few things.
|   1. Is there anyone else trying to do this? Upto now I have only the
|      first chapter, which gives very much space for working together.

It sounds to me as if (Marian Szengel) (via has investigated a bit -- I don't know nothing about any
progress, though...

|   3. Are there any tools for translating? At least it would be nice
|      to be notified on changes.

It'd be the best, if the SGML chunks (block elements) would be tagged
with appropriate attributes; something like the following would seem
appropriate to me:

    <PARA CREATION="1999-01-20" CHANGE="1999-02-10">
    text text text

Right now, there are no tools to support such an framework -- but I'm
quite sure, as soon as there is something to deal with, software tools
will be created ;)

Maybe, DocBook has to be modified to match the GNOMErs needs.

Karl Eichwalder

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