Re: Mallard and xml2po

2009/7/28 Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>:
> During lunch break I tested xml2po converting only to PO, not the way
> back, on Empathy doc.

I recompiled Empathy adding all the Mallard support for documentation:
the final PO -> xml result looks great!

I had a problem launching Empathy (kept on crashing, need to recompile
it) so couldn't check if pressing F1 everything worked fine, but
looking at the help directory for my language, and opening it up with
Yelp, the documentation works good!

For the comments: if it's not possible for now to skip them, I'll just
comment them out and in case re-enable when the time comes, or I can
put a comment before each one of them, saying that "this string is not
user visible, you don't need to translate it unless you want 100% on
Damned Lies".

Milo Casagrande <milo casagrande name>

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