Re: generating standalone html with gnome xsl stylesheets (gtkmm)

On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 23:41 -0600, Jonathon Jongsma wrote:
> Thanks, Peter.  I tried out the htmlweb stylesheet a bit but I noticed
> that it took forever.  I haven't looked to try to determine what the
> issue is (maybe some excessive recursion or something?).  Here are the
> timings using the different stylesheets with everything else the same:
> using db2html.xsl
> real    0m3.079s
> user    0m2.685s
> sys     0m0.284s
> using db2htmlweb.xsl
> real    1m43.518s
> user    1m39.855s
> sys     0m0.974s

Right, I noticed that they were slow for me too. I think the issue is in
the sidebar TOC generation that I tried to do -- that's pretty much the
only non-cosmetic change. There is some recursion and a call to an EXSLT
function, set:intersection, that might be slow. The sidebar isn't even
coming out the way that I want it to, too, but I haven't had the time to
fix things up.

(What I was trying to achieve was a TOC showing every node in the
document with a depth up to that of the current page being generated,
then the toplevel nodes within the page. So if we're generating HTML for
page 'a' inside section 'B', and 'a' is divided into '1', '2', and '3',
the sidebar TOC should look something like

		a (<-- you are here)

> So clearly there's something going on there.  I like what you've done
> in general, though.  There's a couple things I might change, and a
> couple css issues like you mentioned, but other than that, it's a good
> start.  If I get some time I'll try to tackle some of the issues I
> found, but I'm pretty much an xsl novice.  Would it be helpful for you
> if I provided a more detailed list of issues I've found?   (also, if
> this is off-topic for gnome-doc-devel, please let me know.  I've only
> just joined)

Might as well send this stuff to the list. I don't think there's
actually agreement that these templates should be merged into g-d-u,
improving them can only bolster the case that they should be.


Peter Williams / peter newton cx

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