Re: generating standalone html with gnome xsl stylesheets (gtkmm)

I actually started thinking about this same issue not too long ago. I
wrote a few patches, but the email to the list that I sent didn't seem
to go through. You can find what I worked up here:

Basically it creates a new XSL directory in
gnome-doc-utils/xslt/docbook/htmlweb/ that replaces a few key elements
of the db2html code. You would run xsltproc on your DocBook file with
the xslt/docbook/htmlweb/db2htmlweb.xsl stylesheet. (Hopefully this will
get integrated into the gnome-doc-process script I posted a little while

I hope to get these stylesheets integrated into gnome-doc-utils
eventually, though I've had other things to do lately. But I'd like it
if you gave these stylesheets a try and told me what you thought of
them. There are still a few issues with them, but the CSS tweaks that
I've made improve things a lot, I think.


On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 13:25 -0600, Jonathon Jongsma wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been doing some work on improving the gtkmm tutorial recently. 
> The tutorial is in docbook format and uses the standard docbook xsl
> stylesheets to create the online html tutorial documentation [1]. 
> This works fine, but the presentation leaves something to be desired. 
>  I toyed around with customizing the output with css, but then I
> thought that perhaps we could just make use of the GNOME XSL
> stylesheets that are used for yelp, etc.  If we used the GNOME
> stylesheets, we could improve the look of the tutorial and make it
> look more similar to other GNOME help documents, and also get the
> benefit of not duplicating effort by creating our own customizations. 
> I tried doing it several ways but was unsuccessful doing so.  Is
> generating static html files an intended usage scenario for the GNOME
> XSL stylesheets?  If so, could anybody give me pointers on how to go
> about doing it?
> Thanks,
> Jonathon
> [1]
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