Re: Completion survey

On Thu, 06 Nov 2008 10:14:45 +0100, Perriman wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm developing GtkSourceCompletion (Gsc)
> ( and I want to do a survey.
> Currently I have created GtkSnippets library and I have integrated this
> library with Gsc. I have developed a provider that complete words
> written in a GtkTextView, in the Snippets database and words in a file.
> Another providers like Gedit documents, shows the open documents and,
> when select, set the focus on the selected document or open the document
> selected in the Recent Documents page...
> I need some feedback about the future or roadmap of Gsc. What do you
> need about Gsc?
> Examples:
> - Multiple files completion: Complete files from multiple files -
> Devhelp completion: Search into the devhelp database and show completion
> from it.
> - Command completion: Execute a shell command and show the completion
> with the command output
> - Use ctags to complete symbols in the current TAGS file
> Other features:
> - Change the API using another programming style. - Use of the
> completion with other widgets (Not only GtkTextView) like scintilla or a
> GtkEntry etc.
> I need your ideas to go in the right way and to do some useful features
> that we can use.
> Regards,
> 	Perriman

Hi Perriman,

I already use Gsc for a toy project of mine and I'm quite satisfied
with it. You can see it in action here:

and a video with your completion library is here

Like Johannes said I'm interested in the completion infrastructure
instead of more providers and I've a little feature request:

an API to change the filter after the completion Popup is displayed.

With that a user can continue to write in the gtksourceview window after 
to proposal popup is displayed and I can filter the proposals while 

As a side note I experienced some performance issue during the creation
of the proposal object, but I don't know if is a glib/gobject problem or 
a Gsc specific one. Anyway be aware that usually when completing a 
GtkWidget the proposals can be as high a 500 items (413 IIRC).

Last but not least the deb packages are compiled with a lot of debug 
messages turned on ;)

Have a nice day and thanks for all your work. Regards,

I think that the Devhelp plugin will be great if integrated in a 
"calltip" component.

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