Re: Use local lang file

l�6 01 2007 kl. 11:10 +0100, skrev Paolo Maggi:
> > I get an error when trying to set it though,
> > manager = SourceLanguagesManager()
> > manager.set_property("lang-files-dirs", "/home/thomas/Desktop")
> > TypeError: property 'lang-files-dirs' can only be set in constructor
> > 
> As the error reports, 'lang-files-dirs' is a constructor only property,
> so you should set it while constructing the object.

ok, I found a way: manager =,
The pygtk people told me that _ or - are the same here, as
lang-files-dirs is not a legal variable name.

Now I get another strange error though: TypeError: could not convert
value for property `lang_files_dirs' from list to gpointer.

The same goes for tuple. And the pygtk gpointer doc doesn't give much
help either:

Med venlig hilsen,
Best regards,

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