Re: Scaffold, plugins and language independence


John (J5) Palmieri schrieb:
On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 14:37, Mikoyan wrote:

Hello scaffold developers,

we have taken interest in Scaffold and its current plans.
But we have a simple question: since glib's plugin
system is going to be used (GModule+GTypePlugin?), what's
the deal with plugins for scaffold and the langauge they
are writtin in? E.g. how easy is it to write a plugin in
python and use it without any problem?

Good question.  Well I guess the interfaces will have to be wrapped in
Python. Not to hard to do for GObjects so it should be the same for
interfaces I am assuming. Check out I for one
would welcome Python plugins.


Regarding the language independent execution of plug-ins it is worth to have a look of the technology used by mono/.NET. E.G. using the type system developed for .NET languages it is possible to directly call functions written in different languages. The usage of the same type primitives eleminates the need of marshalling and re-marshalling the variables.


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