RE: [Anjuta-devel] Anjuta 1.x vs 2.x, an end-user's point of view

Title: RE: [Anjuta-devel] Anjuta 1.x vs 2.x, an end-user's point of view


> Andrew Hill wrote (in a different email):
> I got a webserver and lots of bandwidth if you guys want a free place to
> host.  One of the web guys here wrote a php postgresql template database
> for open source projects.   I found it easy for maintianing websites,
> doing releases etc cause you can modify all the content online.

Thanks to him we now have a potential place to host the site. At least until we can start worrying about where it's eventual home will be... I would suggest that we take him off on this most generous offer. Or, at the least, deciding to stay with the gnome site. But something, at least, is better than nothing, and I think a certain amount of clarification needs to be reached (or maybe I just need to be enlightened) about what the name of this project is, "Anjuta2" or "gnome-devtools".


> On Tue, 2002-06-04 at 10:49, Andy Piper wrote:
> > On 2002.06.04 15:35 "Moskof, Adam" wrote:
> > > If anyone has any ideas (for example, if someone wants
> > > to create anjuta2 at SF), I'd be happy to oblige.
> >
> > SF is not the right place for it. You should probably obtain
> > access to the location where the gnome devtools website is
> > maintained, add a LOT more information about the Anjuta2
> > project, and then try to keep it up-to-date.
> I'm not sure if is the best place for us to
> keep the site.  It ends up meaning that we have to go through
> the account process for anyone that wants to
> help out on the website.  If we can find someplace better it
> would be nice.  I don't know if sf is the right place, but somewhere.
> -dave

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