Re: Java and Bonobo communication via CORBA

Hi Patrick,

	It seems you're using a mechanism that we stopped using some years ago
to export the Name Server IOR ;-) it seems the docs don't get updated as
fast as the code.

	We now use bonobo-activation which is not tied to X - the best way to
use it is to fork 'activation-client' and ask it to activate the
component for you that you're interested in.

	Also; Sun are investing some effort in making Java/Bonobo work nicely -
so it's perhaps best to talk to Antonio who can prolly tell you more
about all of this in depth.



On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 17:54, Patrick Gerzanics wrote:
> I am currently attempting to gain access to Bonobo components via Java and
> it's implementation of CORBA.  I have read what feels like hundreds of posts
> and tutorials today but nothing I've read has a solution to the problem.  I
> am quite experienced with Java but am somewhat new to CORBA and have not
> played with developing for GNOME before.
> I've gotten as far as utilizing the IOR for the GNOME Name Server which I
> got from the xprop -id [window ID] command per this guide:
> (Corba in Five Minutes).
> I have encountered a number of hurdles:
> 1.  How do I specify the principal cookie to ORBit to allow me to call
> methods on it.  I have tried specifying the cookie in the properties set for
> the ORB, but that doesn't appear to suffice.  I attempted this by setting a
> property called 'principal' with the cookie value.
> 2.  Is the GNOME Name Service still what I want to connect to?  Or should I
> try to connect to OAF (which from what I've read doesn't have a CORBA
> interface)?  Or some other naming service?
> 3.  Whenever I try utilizing the object from the IOR string (via the
> string_to_object method) by calling a method on it, the Java process just
> hangs and never returns from the call *I have read that this was a problem
> with JDK versions < 1.4, but I have tried both 1.3 and 1.4).
> 4.  How do I get any feedback from ORBit as to what is going on?  I've
> checked the system logs but did not find anything regarding ORBit.
> Things I have tried:
> 1.  I've checked the IOR syntax and values to ensure that they point to a
> valid IP and port and then tested the values via a standard telnet
> connection successfully.
> 2.  Starting my own name service first, connecting to that, and then using
> the IOR object reference.
> 3.  Tried connecting to ORBit in the init call via the supplied Java
> properties org.omg.CORBA.ORBInitialHost and org.omg.CORBA.ORBInitialPort.
> 4.  Tried both JDK1.3.1 and JDK 1.4.1
> 5.  Tried starting a separate instance of ORBit and using it's IOR but the
> process still hung when I tried connecting to it.
> 6.  Browsing the Java-Gnome source, but it accesses the GNOME methods and
> links to Java via JNI whereas I want a true CORBA connection.
> 7.  Browsing the source for the various language bindings (Perl, PHP, etc.)
> and found that they all also call the underlying GNOME functions.
> I'm really quite at a loss as to where to go next.  Any assistance would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> -Patrick
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