Re: Destroying gnome request dialog from callback

On Fri, 2003-06-06 at 06:39, Spencer Buckner wrote:
> I'm using the ImageMagick import command to save an image to a file (a 
> png file, for example).  I'm using a gnome request dialog to ask for the 
> filename.  In the callback I'd like to destroy the gnome request dialog 
> before I issue the import command so that the request dialog doesn't 
> have to be moved off the window I'm saving.  I've tried several 
> commands: gtk_widget_destroy(dialog), 
> gtk_object_destroy(GTK_OBJECT(dialog)), and 
> gnome_dialog_close(GNOME_DIALOG(dialog)).  The save succeeds but 
> finishes before the request dialog is destroyed so that the dialog 
> window is saved on top of the image.  I get the following when using 
> gtk_widget_destroy(dialog):
> Gtk-WARNING **: invalid class type `gboolean' in cast to `GnomeDialog'
this means you are passing an invalid argument (of type gboolean) to
gtk_widget_destroy. Check your code, since it seems you are passing the
wrong variable.


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