Re: suggestion to replace battery-applet in GNOME 2.0

On 12 Apr 2001 19:49:14 +0200, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> Hi!
> Hmm, not sure I follow you here, you are positive to include battstat
> into GNOME distributions? but not positive to move it into
> gnome-applets/gnome-core?

> I get the feeling you asume it wouldn't be maintained if moved to
> gnomecvs? I fail to see why this would happen. What is your suggestion
> for an easy move from battery-applet to battstat-applet?

because this has been the case with the vast majority of the applets in

> I've talked to Jörgen Pehrson about perhaps moving to gnomecvs and he i
> positive to do so. 

hmm, i really wish we had a better i18n system so we didn't have to just
move everything into gnome cvs.

" shoulda been 'Glee Club'." -- David Fincher

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