Re: suggestion to replace battery-applet in GNOME 2.0

On 12 Apr 2001 18:59:13 +0200, Mikael Hallendal wrote:
> Hi!
> Of course it can be used from sourceforge (if you know it's there) but
> my suggestion was to replace the existing one. I for one didn't know of
> it's existens until a couple of weeks ago. And frankly the current
> battery-applet in gnome-applets is really ugly. It's better to have the
> nice ones in the gnome-applets and the other outside than the other way
> around (in my opinion).

it's better to have something maintained and not in gnome-applets than
for it to sit in gnome-applets.

i am all for battstat being included by distributions and in gnome
releases, and would be fine from just removing the old one from
gnome-applets (there used to be even another battery applet in there).

i just don't think moving anything good into gnome-applets/gnome-core is
the right way of doing things.

" shoulda been 'Glee Club'." -- David Fincher

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