Re: ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.11 "Ni"

Could we consider making this part of the official gnome libraries? It's
usefulness comes close to that of libglade. It will also encourage and help
developers to switch over to GConf. And it contribute's towards Gnome's goal of
"making application development easy".

> A new PonG (v 0.11) is out.  If you wonder what PonG is:
> PonG is a library and a GUI tool for creating preference dialogs with a
> minimum of coding.  The description of the gconf keys and widgets are written
> in an XML file that is read at runtime and the dialog is created and gconf
> magic is done.  All you have to do on your side is listen for gconf changes.
> It also allows the preference dialogs to be run from a different program and
> actually even from the command line.  It would also allow a registry editor
> to run the correct preference dialog for some keys.  It also allows automatic
> creation of GConf schema files, so you can do all your preference work with a
> GUI tool.

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