Re: ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.11 "Ni"

A new PonG (v 0.11) is out.  If you wonder what PonG is:

PonG is a library and a GUI tool for creating preference dialogs with a
minimum of coding.  The description of the gconf keys and widgets are written
in an XML file that is read at runtime and the dialog is created and gconf
magic is done.  All you have to do on your side is listen for gconf changes.
It also allows the preference dialogs to be run from a different program and
actually even from the command line.  It would also allow a registry editor
to run the correct preference dialog for some keys.  It also allows automatic
creation of GConf schema files, so you can do all your preference work with a
GUI tool.

The interface should be mostly stable though I broke it in this release for
the translation changes.  It now uses exclusively xml-i18n-tools to do
translations.  You can check the "grapevine" module on GNOME CVS for an
example setup.  I wish to have more docs on how to set this up soon.

I'll be getting close to a 1.0 release as well, as I want it out very soon
(original plan was around GNOME 1.4 time and I missed that, so now it's
within a month or so I'd say)

Here's what's new:

		- Build problems fixed (Darin)

	pong (library) / pong-i18n-tool / pong-edit:
		- Removed the entire translation mess, it is replaced by
		  us supporting xml-i18n-tools.  This saves a LOT of code
		  simplifies the API, and makes translators happier.
		  Unfortunately this all does break the API.
		- Option menu widget
		- Simple list entry widget for picking from a list
		- Align labels/widgets correctly in a table to make dialogs
		  look prettier
		- Mucho fixes

		- Can now import gconf schema files
		- No longer exports the gettext stuff as that's now useless
		- Supports bonobo plugs
		- Query bonobo controls and use combo box
		- Minor usability improvements
		- Mucho fixes

		- Remove gettext stuff
		- Supports bonobo plugs
		- Fixes

		- Fully working, see bonobo/sample/ directory for an example

		- A bit more documentation, still only in SGML

		- Actually does translations now

To get this wonder of modern technology, go to:


George <jirka 5z com>
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