GNOME 2 compilation issues


I decided to give a try to installing the base GNOME2 libraries. My battle
plan was to install packages from HEAD in the following order:
glib, pango, gtk+, linc, ORBit2, gnome-common, gnome-xml, oaf, gconf,
gnome-vfs, libgnome-2, libgnomecanvas-2, libgnomeui-2. I am posting my
experiences to point out problems and to help others who want to set up 
their GNOME2 environment so they can hack on it.

GLIB and Pango compiled and installed just fine. The gtk+-2.0.m4 from gtk+
HEAD re-defines the Autoconf macro for looking for GLIB, and uses the
depracated glib-config-2.0 method instead of using pkg-config. This has to
be removed from gtk+-2.0.m4.

The real problems, however, began with ORBit2. First of all, there is big
confusion how to check for ORBit2 in other packages: some of them use
pkg-config (which I guess is the way to go), but ORBit2 has no
file; and some other packages use orbit-config directly, but this makes
having ORBit and ORBit2 installed at the same time more difficult. I
hacked up an file for libgnome-2, but it is definitely not
straightforward because of the --use-service thing in orbit-config (maybe
there should be multiple .pc files installed by ORBit2?).
Also, due to ORBit2 expecting the GLIB checking macro to use the old,
glib-config-2.0 way, @GLIB_2_0_CONFIG@ is not substituted in orbit-config
(this doesn't really need to be fixed since pkg-config should be used
instead of orbit-config eventually).

Thinking that I have finally solved ORBit2 problems, I went on with
gnome-xml. For some reason, include/libxml/entities.h was not installed,
but I was unable to reproduce it (running and make install
again fixed it) so I have no idea if the problem was genuine or a fault in
my setup.

However, then came the point where I would install OAF 0.7.0. The
configure script uses orbit-config instead of pkg-config and writes the
ORBit linking flags to oaf-2.0.pc (i.e. it's ugly). When I tried to
compile oafd, it was missing the definition of
TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_string_struct from Indeed, it is for
some reason not part of it:
[gnome2] 17:17:07 [cactus galaxy lib]$ nm |grep
0002dc40 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_AttributeDescription_struct
0002cb00 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_Contained_struct
0002cf00 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_Container_Description_struct
0002d900 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_ContextIdentifier_struct
0002c740 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_DomainManager_struct
0002d980 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_ExceptionDef_struct
0002da00 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_ExceptionDescription_struct
0002ce20 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_Identifier_struct
0002ccc0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_Initializer_struct
0002ca00 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_InterfaceDef_struct
0002dbc0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_OperationDescription_struct
0002d840 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_ParameterDescription_struct
0002c5c0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_Policy_struct
0002db40 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_RepositoryId_struct
0002cbe0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_StructMember_struct
0002cda0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_UnionMember_struct
0002ca80 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_ValueDef_struct
0002dec0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_ValueMember_struct
0002e260 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_any_struct
0002e2e0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_boolean_struct
0002e360 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_char_struct
0002e860 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_double_struct
0002e7e0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_float_struct
0002e6e0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_long_long_struct
0002e5e0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_long_struct
0002e460 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_octet_struct
0002e4e0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_short_struct
0002e760 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_unsigned_long_long_struct
0002e660 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_unsigned_long_struct
0002e560 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_unsigned_short_struct
0002e3e0 D TC_CORBA_sequence_CORBA_wchar_struct

I have absolutely no idea what the problem here may be, so right now I'm
stuck at trying to compile oaf. Can anyone tell me what's up here?

Also, please tell me if I should continue posting my experiences as I
(hopefully) go forward in installing more and more of the constantly 
changing pieces of what will eventually become the GNOME2 puzzle.


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