Re: GNOME 2 compilation issues

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, ERDI Gergo wrote:

> The real problems, however, began with ORBit2. First of all, there is big
> confusion how to check for ORBit2 in other packages: some of them use
> pkg-config (which I guess is the way to go), but ORBit2 has no
> file; and some other packages use orbit-config directly, but this makes
> having ORBit and ORBit2 installed at the same time more difficult.

There should be no confusion - the AM_PATH_ORBIT macro is the way I

> I hacked up an file for libgnome-2, but it is
> definitely not straightforward because of the --use-service thing in
> orbit-config (maybe there should be multiple .pc files installed by
> ORBit2?). Also, due to ORBit2 expecting the GLIB checking macro to use
> the old, glib-config-2.0 way, @GLIB_2_0_CONFIG@ is not substituted in
> orbit-config (this doesn't really need to be fixed since pkg-config
> should be used instead of orbit-config eventually).

I have a real problem with the whole idea of pkg-config, and would prefer
to leave it out of ORBit until pkg-config gets its inherent design
problems fixed (such as the one you described, but also including ones
that nobody could have fixed because I have only griped about their
existence, not described their nature :).

Martin Baulig has a forked ORBit2 module that has some .pc stuff in it -
if you have to use pkg-config, talk to him.
-- Elliot
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