Re: XML-RPC & Gnome

On 23 Mar 2001 18:01:20 -0500, Eric Kidd wrote:
> Hello!  I'm a Gnome user, and an XML-RPC developer.  I maintain the XML-RPC
> HOWTO, and I wrote much of xmlrpc-c.
> XML-RPC is (basically) an ancestor of SOAP.  It's not quite as well-suited
> to transaction processing and DCOM gateways as SOAP, but it's much simpler.
> Basically, SOAP is excellent for talking to Microsoft products.  CORBA is
> excellent for all sorts of component models.  But XML-RPC really shines if
> you need to talk to lots of different scripting languages, and you don't
> have time to write SOAP or CORBA bindings for each one.
> XML-RPC is currently used by the RedHat Network and by KDE.  Eric Raymond
> even said some nice things about it. :-)

I've checked it out real quick and it looks really nice and easy to use.

> So, the big question: How do I go about making XML-RPC play nicely with
> Gnome?  Should I speak to the SOUP maintainers?  Should I write some glue
> code to connect xmlrpc-c with a Gnome networking library?
> And whom should I talk to about this kind of stuff?

Disclaimer: I don't know xmlrpc so what I'm saying here might be totaly
stupid :) 

Would it be possible to wrap some of the smaller corba-stuff using
xmlrpc??  The perl-corba bindings for example are real easy to use and
you can dynamicaly build functions from them, without going through the
normal compile the idl to your language, write code for that, run

Basically my idea is to create a small server that listens to an xmlrpc
request to load a idl-file, then opens a corba-conection to the
corba-server and then executes whatever corba-call the xmlrpc-client

Like I said, I don't even know if this is at all possible.  What do you


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