Re: unicode

Dennis Bjorklund <db zigo dhs org> writes:
> As I understand it gtk+ and gnome is moving towards unicode.
> Is there any support functions for unicode planed? I need to check if a
> character is a unicode format control character (characters marked Cf by
> unicode). It's easy enough for me to take the unicode definition as it is
> today and do it myself, but it feels like something many people need.
> Also the standard evolves so in the future it might have changed which
> also suggest one should have one library handling this.
> What is the plan for gnome? Is there any recommended library to use for
> unicode issues? As far as I can see pango for example does everything
> itself.
> glibc have some functions but it's not enough.

GLib will have Unicode support functions. You can read about these at:

So for Cf chars you would do:

 if (g_unichar_type (ch) == G_UNICODE_CONTROL)
   g_print ("%d is a control char\n", ch);

for example.


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