Re: GTK, wizards, KDE

Gnome Sysadmins: what is the best way of running scripts against the
daily cvs commits messages?

> I'm happy to volunteer for this task - I need to write a similar script
> shortly anyway.
> Unless there is already a mailing list onto which all CVS commits are
> posted, this would best be done as a cron job on the CVS server itself.

We can do this.  Mail me a crypted password and we will open an
account for you on the gnome cvs or something.  I will ask the
gnome-sysadmins what is the best mechanism for this.

> Is it possible to get access to this machine, or 
> alternatively have someone add a line to the CVS setup to mail me the
> commit messages, and I can run the script on my own machine?


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