RE: GTK, wizards, KDE

>This is one great and beautiful idea!  Are you coming by any chance to
>GUADEC this week in Denmark?

Alas, I will not.  My day job has nothing to do with programming.

>If not, would you like to work with Chema and me towards making this
>happen (and whoever else wants to join and coach/train/guide new hackers).

Sure I'd love to.

I should mention that I apparently left a part of my initial proposal off.

aside from

> 1)  A to-do list that gives the following information
> a) What project it is for
> b) What the to-do consists of
> c) Skill set needed for the item
> d) Difficulty of the item
> e) Time frame that the item should be completed in
> f) 'Criticality' of the item to a projects survival/improvement/etc.
> g) where to learn the needed skills (i.e. links to a relevant Gnome
> and source code, etc.)
> h) the 'Importance' of the item to the individual posting it
> i) a 'Karma' rating based on c, d, e, f, and possibly h

I think a tool where the Gnome newbie enters their current skills/experience
and a self rating on ability and interest that can then automagically match
them up with projects/todo items for which they are qualified for (or near
qualified).  I would also add a field for estimated time per week that they
would be willing to work on a project.

This will have two effects - 1st it will lower the 'barrier to entry' that
the new user has for finding a task for which they are qualified.  2nd it
will ensure that it is a task that they are qualified to do, and one for
which they have sufficient time available to do it in.  I think a lot of
would be developers would like to contribute but are overwhelmed as to where
to start, and don't want to do something that they won't have time to
finish.  This should largely eliminate that problem.

Tom M.
TomM Pentstar com

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