Re: Some little proposals...

| I have now modified the script used to publish new packages on the FTP
| server, and new packages shold be pushed with bzip2 support.
    Wow! That's cool! :)

| I am not sure if we should do a pass at bziping the existing sources, I
| certainly do not want to do it now overthe modem, I could do it next
| week when I go back to Boston.
    I don't think it's worth the work... in some time, when new packages
will come out, there will be fewer and fewer people who'll need to download
old 'gzip-only' tarballs...

| That means that someone has not been using the publishing tool on the
| system.  It should generate those patches for every release being
| uploaded.  I would like also to move away from patch and start using
| xdelta (so things like PNG images are included in the diff).
    Nice. Be aware that some patches that are published are quite broken...
for example, with control-center, gnome-core and gnome-games, applying the
patch from 1.4.0 to somehow breaks the package... infact, make
dist/distdir/distcheck gives some errors. But the package, for any other
purpose AFAIK, is good. This don't happen with plain tarballs, so I
think it's a problem of the patches. Anyway, other patches (say, gnome-print
0.27->0.28) works perfectly.
    Will you bzip2 the patch files too?
    Ok, thanks so much for the attention!
        Mano :)

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