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anbei mal die Antwort des brasero Entwicklers.
Die sind nämlich gerade dabei dieses Feature einzubauen.

Inzwischen haben wir von dieser Sorte Programm ja einen ganzen Sack voll
gnome-baker, brasero, graveman... noch ein paar und nautilus kann auch
ein bischen was.

Gruss, Sven

--- Begin Message --- Le samedi 02 septembre 2006 à 14:24 +0200, Sven Jaborek a écrit :
Hi bonfire/brasero Team,

k3b has a feature no gtk/gnome software offers, but which is a
killer-feature for me:
k3b can check the burned CD by comparing the md5sums of the files in the
image and the burned CD.

Why its a killer-feature:
If i burn 25 iso images of a linux-install-CD with a low speed of 24 or
32 i have made sure there are no underruns. But still 2 of 25 CDs are
defective. I need to make sure the CDs i gie to visitors are okay.

regards, Sven
Be happy! brasero already implements this feature in trunk. It generates a md5 file at the root of the disc containing md5 sum for each file of the disc. Currently, I'm working on a dialog for the checks but discs can already be checked "by hand" since the md5 file generated at the root of the disc is compliant with the md5 command.

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