Re: Translation mistake in German localization of gimp-print 4.2.4

On Sat, Dec 21, 2002 at 10:57:17PM +1300, Helmut Walle wrote:
> Hello gimp-print Developers,
> Thank you for providing this great piece of software! It works pretty
> well, but I just stumbled over a severe translation mistake in the
> German localization of the color adjustment. According to the German
> text for the "Density" parameter, things work just the other way round
> than they really do. It cost me some ink to find out what was wrong...

Thanks for noting that, the existing translation really is utter
rubbish. I'll just make a quick fix.

> Wobei ich das Bindestrich Verschwinden auch für ein Un Ding halte.
Die Binde Striche werden alle für die unnötigen Apostro'phe benötigt.
(Alexander Nald in dafk)

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