translation minor stuff (fwd)

Hi :-)  Below is some Pan translation feedback.

Tov Are Jacobsen

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Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 19:08:45 +0100
From: Sven Neuhaus <sn neopoly com>
To: tovj stud ntnu no
Subject: translation minor stuff


some more feedback.. a minor thing:

when I load article headers in pan 0.9.3_cvs (german),
the label with the loading bar reads:

"Artikelkopfziele ...595 wird empfangen"
this means
"Arcticle header ...595 is being received".

I have pan set to 3 connections for this server so the ... are
for abbreviation. The window is alread 1129 pixels wide.
I have to make it 1408 pixels wide so I can read the number of
"Artikelkopfzeile 25729 von 36595 wird empfangen"
(this means)
"Article header 25729 of 36595 is being received".

I suggest you change this to:
"Receiving article header 25729/36595"
and in German
"Empfange Artikelkopfzeile 25729/36595".

That way, the numbers can be seen a bit better even on small displays with
many connections.

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