Re: [gnome-db] SqlBuilder.add_cond_v not introspectable

Hi all!

There are lot of functions marked as no introspective, because in that time GObject Introspection haven't support for them, time has changed and we need to review if they supported now.

May is time to pass maintenance of stable branch to another person Vivien, most distributions use it including Debian, may you can focus in master and just help when necessary to fix things in stable branches. I would like to use stable for a while and fix some Vala related issues, but requires to make releases frequently.

What do you think Vivien?

El jul. 27, 2015 10:57 AM, "Vivien Malerba" <vmalerba gmail com> escribió:

As far as I recall, there is no reason why this function is marked as non introspectable. I'll correct this in future versions (5.x and 6).

As I cant' tell you when the next 5.x version will be (or if there will be one at all), do you need me to make a new 5.x version with that correction only so it gets packaged correctly?



2015-07-27 16:31 GMT+02:00 Florian Richter <florian richter-es de>:

I use Gda-5.0 from vala and I'd like to use SqlBuilder.add_cond_v, but
it's marked as not introspectable in the gir. When I remove this flag, I
can use this function without problems. Is there a specific reason, why
some functions are marked as non-introspectable?

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